Hummer Mines
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Brand: Dominator & Dynamite
Available in-store only
Price: $20.00  each
Ex Tax: $20.00
Items Per Pack 1
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Year Released 2022
Number of Items in assortment
Number of Single Shots
Quantity of Multishots
Number of Fountains

Hummer Mines!

It is rare to see quality mines in Darwin, with a few here and there in assortments.

We love mines! These are an effect that explodes directly out of the tube. No wasted powder trying to throw a ball up first, its all there stright from the ground explosing into a cool upward fan shape of awesomeness.

Can you tell we like this effect?

We havnt tested this one yet but are very keen to, Mark is so excited about these they are one of his favourites already (so you will know about it if they disappoint during testing!)

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