The Keg
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Brand: Old Fireworks
Availability: Sourcing More Stock
Price: $200.00  each
Ex Tax: $200.00
Noise Level Loud
Year Released 2018
Number of Items in assortment Approx 28
Number of Single Shots Approx 18
Quantity of Multishots Approx 7
Number of Fountains None :) There will be a pack of 3x Landmine mega crackle or a pack of 10x winged flyers (Sunflower or similar)

The Keg! TDF's first ever exclusive product, and a very limited release!

Or as our staff have said, "You can't buy happiness, but you CAN buy The Keg!"

We are really excited to be releasing our very own assortment for 2018!

The Keg will have some variance, but we will try to keep them fairly similar. The exact items will definitely vary but the quantities will remain pretty much the same..

Every box will have a minimum $250 RRP worth of premium content including:

  • An exclusive TDF "The Keg" t-shirt (we have sizes from S-XL, with the majority in larger sizes, so please let us know your preference in the order comments or you will get whatever is left. We will allocate preferred sizes based on order date)
  • A premium selection of the best of 2017 from Fusion, Dominator, Dynamite and Cannon Fireworks in Single Shots, Multi-shots and Flyers. An example The Keg may include:
  • 6 x Krazy Kommander  and 4 x Zombie Killer Cannon single shots, 6 x Dominator single shot parachutes, a Dominator multishot like the Scud, A pack or Landmine mega crackle,  Dynamite Money Shot and 3 Finger Fred single shots, Fusion cakes Mile High Club, Category 5, Alice Arsenal, Exorcism, an NT Most Wanted & a Lord of War. Plus an exclusive TDF "The Keg" t-shirt.

We will post loads of pictures on our facebook page as we pack these items up in late June.

Because TDF stocks all four of the Territory's biggest and best brands, we have exclusive access to some amazing deals on the highest-quality items.
Every year there are the odd boxes of really good fireworks that come back from remote communities, small shops, slow freight and other sources.
These fireworks are usually exactly the same as this year's stock, with some packaging changes or other minor tweaks. We are talking the types of fireworks that we have normally sold out of at 9:30am on Territory Day!
We have been working on getting all of these premium items into one place, getting really good deals on them, and then putting them into an exclusive pack just for our TDF customers at an amazing $200 pricetag!

Want the biggest and best possible bang for your buck this Territory Day?
Buy The Keg!

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