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Brand: Dominator & Dynamite
Available in-store only
Price: $33.00  each
Ex Tax: $33.00
Items Per Pack
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Changed for 2019
Year Released
Number of Items in assortment 30+
Number of Single Shots 0
Quantity of Multishots 0
Number of Fountains 15
Changed for 2018

The Tsunami assortment by Dominator fireworks.

This is a good little assortment for those wanting something quieter or with a small yard. It may also be more pet friendly, but fountains can still whistle and crackle so please dont think it is totally quiet!

This pack does not have any multishots or single shots, only novelties and fountains (we have not been able to test this item).


"Buy One Get One Free" - You may see these this item advertised elsewhere with this slogan. If they have this slogan, they will be twice the price. We are selling ONE unit only, but that one unit is half the price of the "Buy One Get One Free" you will see elsewhere. We don't like forcing our customers to buy two of something to get a "deal". Feel free to buy one, two or as many as you like without any pressure from us. We love fireworks and we want you to love them too :) If you do genuinely see them advertised for less somewhere else, please let us know and we will normally price match any reasonable legitimate deal.



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