Air and Ground Raid XL
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Brand: Fusion Fireworks
Availability: 34
Price: $45.00  each
Ex Tax: $45.00
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Items Per Pack 1 Assortment
Noise Level Normal
Year Released 2015
Number of Items in assortment 146

Air and Ground Raid, with shiny new packaging for 2018

This is a fantastic pack if you want a whole pile of awesome fun small stuff (not so good for little kids though, look at the Bucket of Fun instead)

Heaps of content for a great price

Contents (146 items in total):

  • 6 x UFO

  • 4 x Planes

  • 48 x Bees

  • 24 x Butterflies

  • 10 x Jumping Jacks

  • 24 x Ground Bloom flowers

  • 30 x Crackling Balls

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