Family Backyard
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Brand: Old Fireworks
Available in-store only
Price: $56.00  each
Ex Tax: $56.00
Items Per Pack
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Year Released 2017
Number of Items in assortment 50+
Number of Single Shots
Quantity of Multishots
Number of Fountains

The Family Backyard assortment by Cannon fireworks.

This was quite a large seller for us in 2017, with a lot of our customers really liking it for smaller areas, less noise and great value for money.
t is a good little pack if that is what you are looking for, and we have them back for 2018 as requested :)

These are not large premium grade items. They are smaller and quieter effects designed to be used in smaller areas.
If you are a bunch of adults looking for really big stuff, chose another item.
If you are looking for something to give you loads of fireworks at a great price, and don't need large stuff (or bought that as well), then its perfect.


1 box (12 pcs) Small Bee
2 pcs Mini Cuckoo
1 pc Friendship Flower (S)
1 pc Friendship Flower (L)
1 pc Golden Flower (S)
1 pc Assorted Fountain (7") - Spring Peach
1 pc Happiness 3"
1 pc Assorted Fountain (4-1/2") - Silver Glittering
1 pc Happy Fireworks 6 Shot (S)
1 pc Twitter Glitter
1 pc Blue Star with Report 7 Shot
1 box (6 pcs) Krazy Kommander (Single Shots Mini Size) 
1 pkg (4 pcs) Ground Bloom Flower 
2 pcs Ground Bloom Flower 
1 pkg (6 pcs) Crackling Ball
3 pkgs (3 x 12 tau) Jumping Jack
1 box (6 pcs) Morning Glory 10" (Red Box)
1 pkg (6 pcs) Color Smoke Ball (Sawdust)

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