Fusion Peace Keepers Multishot Pack
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Brand: Fusion Fireworks
Availability: Sourcing More Stock
Price: $70.00  each
Ex Tax: $70.00
Items Per Pack 4
Number of Shots
Noise Level Loudest
Changed for 2017 No
Year Released 2014
Number of Items in assortment 4
Number of Single Shots 0
Quantity of Multishots 4
Number of Fountains 0

Fusion Peace Keepers Multishot Pack - A warhead tube packed full with four heavyweight multishots.

Great value for money, with packaging to drool over!


A: Brochade crown bouquet to purple dahlia brochade crown; brochade crown boquet to green dahlia and brochade crown 

B: Silver spinning to red chrysanthemum; silver spinning to green chrysthamemum; silver spinning to crackling chrysanthemum 

C: Brochade crown bouqet; red tail to red chrystanthemum; green tal to green chrysthamemum 

D: Crackling bouquet, blue tail to gold strobe willow; green tail to time rain; blue tail to chrysanthemum 

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