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Welcome to Territory Day Fireworks

Welcome to Territory Day Fireworks, home of Darwins favourite fireworks shop!

We are getting ready for Territory Day 2022 with our fireworks on schedule to get to the Territory for our favourite day of the year!

We are working on a new location for this year. If you Have a suitable building available, preferably on the highway between Kunckies Lagoon and Bagot road (but open to all options), please let us know.

We plan on pre-orders being open in the first week or so of June, once exact quantities have been confirmed for our deliveries. We will update our facebook page and website with more information as we get closer to the day.

We are getting a lot of enquires which we are answering as quickly as we can. Please do have a look at our FAQ page if you get the chance as we have tried to cover the most common ones (eg: No, we cant ship your fireworks to Sydney, Please visit the awesome NT instead!)

Darwins best fireworks at our TDF Store in Darwin NT

Welcome to TDF - Home of the best Territory Day Fireworks available!

TDF have the best range of fireworks in the NT. Guaranteed.

To give you the best fireworks on the market, we are stocking:

Fusion Fireworks

Buy Fusion Fireworks Darwin NT


Dynamite Fireworks

Buy Dynamite Fireworks Darwin NT

Dominator Fireworks

Buy Dominator Fireworks Darwin NT


TDF is Darwins favourite fireworks store. Known and trusted for 16 years as the shop with the Best range, Best prices, and Knowledgable awesome staff.

See you on Territory Day!

Buy Fireworks-Darwin N.T. at TDF Fireworks Store


  • Fusion Fireworks
  • Dominator / Dynamite
  • Rockstar Fireworks
  • Em's 4 Kids Earmuffs