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Welcome to Territory Day Fireworks, home of Darwins favourite fireworks shop!


Hello fellow fireworks lovers,

As most of you know by now, Territory Day fireworks have been cancelled for 2020 due to repercussions from Covid19. While we know it was a hard choice for the minister to make, we do fully support the decision. We are sad not to see you all this year, but trust you will stay safe and that the rest of 2020 is a lot more fun!

If you want to know why we support the ministers decision, which destroys our business for a year, here is why:
1: As much as we all love fireworks, anything that encourages us to hang out together in big groups is a bad idea at the moment and we don’t know when this will change. This is not something that can get cancelled last minute without serious financial impact on a lot of small businesses.
The NT Government consulted with the fireworks industry prior to making this difficult decision.
2: The fireworks are made in China and need shipping organized quite early (normally April) to make it to Darwin port in time. With delays in manufacturing and shipping, it was looking highly questionable whether they would arrive in time. This was not an acceptable risk for the importers.
3: Most fireworks are tested in China by NT approved Australian testers before shipping, to make sure dangerous fireworks are never imported. This was not an option this year.
4: A large change in the Australian dollar exchange rate would have made your $100 packs cost upwards of $150 this year
5: If the minister allowed only fireworks remaining from last year to be sold (if none were imported), realistically these would be sold directly from the importers to the general public and less than 10% of you would have got your fireworks. This has minimal to no benefit to Territory businesses and encouraged profiteering and black market sales.
6: Territory Day fireworks normally brings in a lot of tourism revenue and a boost to small retail stores who sell fireworks. It gives rent to empty commercial spaces, fills up flights, hires trucks and equipment, employs sales and logistics staff and more. It also brings a lot of joy to those who love fireworks. With border restrictions, international financial stress and no tourists, this in not what you would see this year.

Not having fireworks this year sucks, but take hope knowing that we are already thinking how to make Terrirory Day 2021 awesome enough to make up for it! We have had clear direction from the minister that Territory Day 2021 will have firewors and we are really hoping to see you all then!


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See you on Territory Day!

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