Buy Dominator and Dynamite Fireworks - Darwin NT - Territory Day Fireworks

Fireworks Australia - One of the biggest fireworks importers in Australia, have their flagship Dominator and Dynamite brands for the Territories enjoyment!

Fireworks Australia have been selling fireworks in the NT for over 25 years. With extensive experience in fireworks design and the NT market, they have recently chosen new factories for production to ensure they are delivering the best fireworks for your Territory Day. From classic favourites to their heavyweight selections, there is something for everyone.

     Dynamite CMYK

Buy your Dynamite and Dominator Fireworks from us - Territory Day Fireworks - Darwin NT

Staff Pick

Atomic Bomber

The Atomic Bomber Fireworks Assortment! Upgraded in 2024 from the Super Charged assortment, ..

Staff Pick

Shit Load

Want the biggest pre-range assortment in the Territory? This is it! Big breaks, quality effects, sh..

Staff Pick

Missile Force

The Missile Force by Dynamite fireworks. Bred from a new and improved version of the best selling..


Total Destruction

The Total Destruction family assortment from Dynamite Fireworks. These are great small to mid-siz..


Full Tilt

Dominators Full Tilt! 7 shots of heavyweight high quality multishot...


Chrysanthemum Bloom Ground Spinners

  2024 Update: There is a significant shortage of these this year, but we have been able to ..


Power House

The Power House multishot by Dominator fireworks THis is a very different multishot. It starts wi..


Blaze It

The Blaze It multishot by Dominator fireworks High quality heavyweight multishot...


Eagle Multishot

Dominators Eagle Multishot From the USA's premium range, a great 10 shot multishot...

Staff Pick

Single Day Parachutes

Single shot DAY parachutes! We havnt tested these yet, but are expecting to see high quality sing..



The Terminator assortment by Dynamite Firewoks Looking for a quiet pack for your back yard tha..


Bugs Bugs Bugs

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! These are a rebranding of the famous ladybug fireworks we have lit and loved for ..


Dominator Nite Parachute Multishot

Dominators answer to the multishot kids favourite - parachutes! 16 parachutes drifting down with ..

Staff Pick

Flying Gem

The Flying Gem, Dominators answer the the loves and famous Magic Crystal. The magic crystal was a ..


Hero Fountain Stars

The Hero Fountains by Dominator fireworks. Quality fountains with good effects, these burn for ov..


June Bugs

A shiny fancy version of the ever popular Lady Bug flyers. We are looking forward to seeing these s..


Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder assortment by Dynamite fireworks 7 multishots, a mix of heavyweights and comm..



THis is a great 12 shot cake. Red, Green and Purple with bright strobe and crackle. Finishing with..

Staff Pick

Super Six

The Super Six pack of grunty single shots with quality effects. These are a fantastic single s..

Staff Pick

Ultimate Aerial Assortment

The Ultimate Aerial Assortment! Pro-class quality multishots with heavyweight breaks. High qua..


Whistling Tri Rotating Wheel

Who doesn like an awesome wheel? This one doesnt have bright pretty packaging but it doesnt need it..


Bucket of Fireworks

Dominator fireworks has hit the highly competitive smal pack market in 2024 with their "Bucket of Fi..


Thunder Storm

Thunder Storm A 16 shot multishot from Dominator. Silver rising tail to brocade coconut breaks&nbs..


Blaster Shots

The Blaster Shots by Dominator Fireworks. A 6 pack of Single shot goodness! Great high po..

Staff Pick

Darts with Whistle

We think these are the best small flyer on the market! Brilliant little flyers, and very limited ava..


Death Ray

The Death Ray multishot by Dominator fireworks 6 MEGA shots of heavyweight multishot...


Killer Bees

The well known and well loved classic - Killer Bees. This fireworks has been around for decades a..

Staff Pick

Mighty Mini

The Mighty Mini Multishot pack by Dominator Fireworks Update for 2024: We got almost all the..


Single Night Parachutes

Night Parachutes by Dominator Fireworks. The classic but fun night parachute, which are a single sh..

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