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FAQ - Buy Fireworks Darwin NT - Frequent Questions

No - we will not sell you illegal fireworks!

Q: Can you send me fireworks?

A: No. It is illegal for us to mail/courier/freight any fireworks to you, regardless of what state you are in (unless it is for Territory Day to a remote area. If this is the case please make it clear in the email to ensure you don't get overlooked, and we will do our best to help)

Q: When can I buy fireworks?

A: Fireworks are only for sale on the 1st July; They have to be picked up from our store in the NT. We do offer pre-orders for our fireworks, which normally opens in mid-June. Pre-ordered fireworks can only be picked up on the 1st July from 9am to 9pm. Sales of fireworks outside of this period are illegal unless you have a fireworks license. You don't have to be a NT resided, but you do need to pick them up from our store.

Q: What fireworks should I buy?

A: Please see our buying advice page for detailed information and advice

Q: What is a crysanthemum/report/fountain/multishot etc?

A: Please see our buying advice page for detailed information and advice

Q: Can I pay with Basics card or Afterpay?

A: Unfortunately not.
Basic card requires a lot of additional registration that is not managable for us to do when we are only open one day a year.
Afterpay (and all of the buy now pay later cards) charge us a fortune, which we are not allowed to pass on because "You must not impose a surcharge on the Customer or discriminate against the Customer in any way for using Afterpay as a payment mechanism". We can't afford the extra fees which are normally about 6% of your order and we don't think its fair to pass the cost on to other customers not using the service.

Q: How do I pay for my fireworks?

A: For pre-orders, you can pay through Credit Card only (other payment methods have not worked in previous years, so we have had to stop doing them, with some exceptions if people ask really nicely. For in-store purchases, you can pay in cash or make use of our in-store Eftpos POS facilities.
Pre-orders are pre-authorised on your credit card at the time you make the pre-order, but can be cancelled at any time prior to Territory Day with no cost to you. Your bank will usually hold the funds for some or all of the time before Territory Day but we don't take payment until Territory Day morning (we are not allowed to "exchange funds" before Territory Day).

Q: I am in (insert location other than the NT), can I buy fireworks?

A: Unless you actually come to our store in Darwin on the 1st July, we cannot supply you with fireworks, this would be illegal. Every state has their own rules but the NT is the only state you can buy fireworks without a license, and only on the 1st July between 9am and 9pm. You do not need to be a NT resident, providing you are in the NT on the 1st July and set the fireworks off in the legal period (6pm to 11pm 1st July only)

Q: Do you sell illegal fireworks/shells/crackers etc?

A: No. These are illegal without a license, and we do not support illegal fireworks.

Q: Do you have pictures/prices/catalogues?

A: Yes, please click on the FIREWORKS menu item. We have all the information available on our website, and are continually updating it. Within 3 weeks of Territory Day, the website should be fairly accurate for this year's range, however some items can change at the last moment due to errors from the importers. We may also sell out of stock for pre-orders. If this happens we will be sourcing more stock which we will put on the website if we can get it confirmed in time, or will have it in-store on the day. 

Q: Why haven't you replied to my e-mail?

A: If your question is asking us to do something illegal, we normally will not respond. If you are emailing in the weeks before Territory Day, please be patient as we get a lot of enquiries and strive to fulfil everyones needs as quickly as possible.

Q: What is Territory Day?

A: Territory Day is a celebration of the Northern Territory's self-government.

Until 1978, the NT was governed from other states. Initial as part of South Australia, later by the federal government in Canberra. In 1974 Gough Whitlam announced that the Northern Territory would have self-government, and on the 1st July 1978 it became a reality. Celebrating with fireworks is a small part of what makes the NT awesome!

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