2024 update: Unfortunately we wont be seeing Rockstar this year due to last minuite chipping delays.
We have beeen promised they will be back for 2025.

Territory Day Fireworks is proud to introduce, new to the Territory in 2021, Rockstar Fireworks!

Rockstar Fireworks have hit the market for 2021!

These Aussie fireworks pyros have been specialising in creating awesome fireworks for the USA market for the last decade and have decided to show us their wares in the Territory for 2021!

With a limted by awesome range we are expecting great things from these guys and they show us their stuff.

We saw a brief glimpse and some of this potential from Cannon Fireworks in 2018 and 2019, and are hoping Rockstar Fireworks have further built on the development to bring us some thing really great.

Make sure to buy yours today, and ask our knowledgeable staff if you want any advice or recommendations.

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