Buy Fireworks


Want to Buy illegal fireworks in Darwin NT, this Territory Day?

Thats a really bad idea!

Illegal fireworks to buy in Darwin NT include:

  • Roman Candles
  • Strike Crackers
  • Celebration Rolls
  • Bungers
  • Mortars
  • Sky Rockets
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Large Multishots
  • Reloadable single shots

These items are banned for good reasons. Most of these fireworks have caused horrific injuries or property damage in the past (eg Mortars, reloadable singles shots, crackers and bungers). Roman candles and bottle rockets have been used to shoot directly at people, causing hideous face and eye injuries. Many of the other illegal fireworks are simply too big for a normal backyard (Mortars and Large Multishot's), or have falling debris that can hurt bystanders (Sky Rockets and Bottle Rockets). Fireworks available legally in the NT have been tested to be able to be used safely with a 5m safety distance' a lot of the illegal fireworks need over 30m and sometimes specialised equipment to be used safely.

If you really love professional grade fireworks, you can get a license to use these in the NT as a one day license and buy them as a licensed pyrotechnician. Getting a permit or license involves training and following a safety plan to ensure there are no injuries or property damage. Please contact Worksafe NT if you are interested in getting a license and they can guide you through the process.

We love most of these illegal fireworks as they have great effects, but we won't let you buy these fireworks in Darwin N.T.

These type of illegal fireworks are the cause of a large percentage of injuries, property damage and complaints in the NT. 

We don't want fireworks to get banned, it's the only place in the country we can still legally buy them! Modern Territory Day fireworks are very high quality and great fun. The noise is similar to commercial fireworks and the quality of the effects is excellent for their size. Please buy your Territory Day fireworks legally, and set them off in the allowed hours so we can all enjoy them next year. Territory Day Fireworks may only take one bad injury or spate of property damage to get banned due to ongoing political pressure - don't let that happen.

Please be aware that Worksafe have issued the NT Police the power to issue on the spot fines for illegal fireworks activity this year, and plan to crack down on illegal fireworks use.

Have a fun Territory Day Fireworks Day, and please don't blow yourselves up!