Where To Go?

Where do I light my fireworks In Darwin this Territory Day?

This is the most popular question we get asked each year, so we have devoted a whole page to it!

Basically, fireworks are all controlled under the NT Dangourous Goods ACT and Regs. This breaks down into:

1: The Schedule published in the Government Gazette (2nd March 2016 edition for this year), which allows the use of fireworks and has prohibited areas.
The Gazette this years specifies that the area around Mindil Beach is prohibited for the lighting of retail fireworks. So don't go there to light them!
Mindil Beach has been declared a fireworks free zone for 2016,  to allow people to watch the large commercial display safely; 
without needing to be concerned about stray fireworks distracting them (or putting them in harms way if there are idiots about).

2: NT Police ACT and Regs.
This is where is gets less clear cut and more down to being reasonable from a lay persons perspective.
The wording in the Dangerous Goods regulations says "A person must not throw, ignite or explode a firework in a way likely to
damage property or injure a person or animal."
The NT Police and Worksafe can, and will, charge you if you are putting yourself or others in harms way. This would include, but not be limited to:

  • Shooting or throwing fireworks at people, animals or property
  • Lighting fireworks next to dangerous goods (eg Petrol Stations)
  • Shooting Fireworks at, or from, vehicles
  • Lighting fireworks near traffic
  • Lighting fireworks inside
  • Shooting fireworks out the window of your building

You can pretty much sum this up as "being an idiot". No one is going to have any sympathy for you if you get caught doing any of the above.

In addition to that, you could be charged under other legislation (eg If you light a fire) in some circumstances.

So where can I let them off safely and responsibly?

Fireworks in the Northern Territory are tested every year by NT Worksafe approved assessors, and must be able to be safely observed from 5m (nothing can project more than 3m horizontally).
Please be aware, though, that not every firework has to perform perfectly in order to pass. There can be up to 2 fireworks in every 9 tested that fail this requirement and still pass testing.
Territory Day Fireworks are handmade in China, with varying weather conditions, times, people and conditions. Because of this, there will always be some fluctuation in the quality of the fireworks and this is reflected in the testing criteria (AS2187.3).

To account for this, we recommend having at least 10m to the spectators, and at least 30m for young children and vulnerable people who cannot easily get out of the way if anything goes wrong.

For this reason, we only recommend backyards if you have plenty of room and can watch from a safe distance.

Places that our customers recommend for shooting/ launching your fireworks:

  • Casuarina Foreshore
  • Your suburbs parks
  • Sporting Fields
  • Flood easements
  • Large backyards
  • Friends properties (eg Howard Springs area, with 5 acre blocks)
  • Dead end streets if you are having a street party (please be aware this may not be strictly legal)

Ensure you are somewhere that has plenty of space, is not too crowded with other groups launching their fireworks, is not near flammable bush, and is somewhere you can have fun safely.

As always, remember to light your fireworks safely and securely. Follow all manufacturers recommendations and additional safety instructions.

For more information please have a look on our safety page here.