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New for 2018

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The Keg
The Keg! TDF's first ever exclusive product, and a very limited release! Or as our staff have said,..
$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00
B3 Bomber
The B3 Bomber. A good fun winged flyer by Dominator Fireworks. Make sure you use them on a flat su..
$4.00 Ex Tax: $4.00
Crazy Crackers
The Crazy Crackers by Dominator Fireworks. Good fun crackling fun for a great price. These little s..
$16.00 Ex Tax: $16.00
Dynamite High Performance Series
The Dynamite High Perfomance Series. With new and improved items, new packaging and the addition of..
$295.00 Ex Tax: $295.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Fusion Peace Keepers Singleshot Pack
Fusion Peace Keepers Singleshot Pack. This is well and truly the best value single shot pack on the..
$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 6 reviews.
Lava Lamp
The Lava Lamp. Get your sparkling 70's on! A good quality super long burning fountain style fi..
$9.00 Ex Tax: $9.00
NT Most Wanted
Update: There is a real shortage of these for 2018, so we are having to make up some packs that don'..
$80.00 Ex Tax: $80.00
Based on 3 reviews.
NT Outlaw
If you though the Lord of War and Aussie salute were good, wait until you see the NT Outlaw! ..
$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Pro-Class Container Load V5
Back for 2018 - bigger and better than ever! Fusion Fireworks has taken the Territory's favourite..
$400.00 Ex Tax: $400.00
Based on 8 reviews.
Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad! It's surely not a rip off of anything.... but it looks really good! We th..
$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Trouble Maker
The Trouble Makers! New for 2018, giving the Fusion single shot range a new flagship 30mm single ..
$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Twinkle Twinkle Bang Bang
Twinkle Twinkle Bang Bang! Inspired by the slightly crazy and excited mind of a fireworks designe..
$40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Dirty Dog
The Dirty Dog! We had these a few years ago called Pooping Puppy from ACME and they were terribly g..
$3.00 Ex Tax: $3.00
Cherry Bomb
Effect: Green comet tail to red palm with silver glitter Red, green and silver bouque Gree..
$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Fusion Peace Keepers Multishot Pack
Fusion Peace Keepers Multishot Pack - A warhead tube packed full with four heavyweight multishots. ..
$70.00 Ex Tax: $70.00
Based on 8 reviews.