Bucket Of Fun

Bucket Of Fun

  • Price: $50.00 each


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Bucket Of Fun!

This wonderful little pack of fun is designed especially for younger families and those looking for something small and fun.

We also sell quite a few to excited parents (often Dads, Mums are usually more on the ball!) after they loaded up on all the big stuff and have a moment of panic when they realised they forgot their kids...

With 66 items including:

  • 18 Ground Bloom Flowers
  • 12 Smoke Balls
  • A Tank
  • 18 Crackling Balls
  • 6 strings of Jumping Jacks
  • 11 Fountains and small multi-shots

A great way to get  a lot of time out of your fireworks without a large spend.



Good assortment of small items that the kids loved.



Great website

Seth reid


lach the pyro


looks awesome haven't got one yet but will on July 1st!! cant wait!!!



Great small little novelty assortment pack. Fantastic if you want lots of stuff to play with and are budget consious, or have already bought up big and need something to appear the rest of the family!
Lots of stuff to play with, nothing awesome but plenty of stuff thats lots of fun.

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