Bad Neighbour
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Brand: Fusion Fireworks
Available in-store only
Price: $80.00  each
Ex Tax: $80.00
Noise Level Loud
Year Released
Number of Items in assortment 40
Number of Single Shots 5
Quantity of Multishots 3
Number of Fountains 9

This excellent well priced assortment from Fusion Fireworks has it all. Multishots, single shots, fountains & novelties!

While the pack may not look as big as some of the other brands, there is a lot more firework for your dollar and less bulky packaging.

These are good sized effects, so stand back and enjoy getting your Bad Neighbour on! (please actually respect your neighbours, they will still be there tomorrow!)

With 40+ items, this is a great entry level assortment for the whole family to enjoy!

Please note that there is a small price rise in 2019 due to big increases in production costs for this item since last year

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