Mother Load
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Brand: Fusion Fireworks
Available in-store only
Price: $400.00  each
Ex Tax: $400.00
Items Per Pack
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Year Released 2021
Number of Items in assortment 502 (approx)
Number of Single Shots >27
Quantity of Multishots >17
Number of Fountains >18


Want a massive assortment jam packed with fantastic fireworks? Look no further.

This pack has a pile of variety and with 502 items will last you ages!

Please note that there are a lot of small items in here to push up that number (crackling balls, Bees, Sparklers etc) but there is also a great variety of Multishots, Single Shots and Fountains.

A good mix of bang, pretty and having plent of stuff to keep you entertained for hours.

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