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Darts with Whistle

Darts with Whistle

  • Price: $5.00 each


Items Per Pack


Noise Level


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Items Per Pack 6
Noise Level Normal
Year Released 2014

We think these are the best small flyer on the market! Brilliant little flyers, and very limited availability this year.

The price on these has gone up a lot in the last few years because of how they are made in China.

These flyers spin, then almost immediately dart into the sky up to 10+m! Super high quality due to being machine pressed.

Darts with Whistle - pack of 6.

Brought to you by Dominator Fireworks. Buy yours today, these have sold out every year!

If you do genuinely see them advertised for less somewhere else, please let us know and we will normally price match any reasonable legitimate deal.

michale smithn the 2nd


mate these are some cracka fireworks i gave them to the little grand kiddys and they loved them also they blew up their pet rabit by accedent buy its alright we all had fun 9/10 !!!!!!!!!!!

Bogan bob


Awesome fun little flyers, like bumble bees on steroids, these go twice as far and at least 3 times as fast!! (Wizzy spinny fliers with no bang at the end)



what do they do



Brilliant little flyers! These things are about the same size as a bumblebee, but are pressed in a machine instead of being rolled so are really reliable.
Super fun flyers, excellent value for money.

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