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Shit Load
Want the biggest pre-range assortment in the Territory? This is it! Big breaks, quality effects, ..
Ex Tax: $595.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Backyard Blitz Assortment
ACME Fireworks - Backyard Blitz Assortment Great for small backyards, those who want quieter firewo..
Ex Tax: $160.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Bad Bitch
The Territories favourite single shots are back for 2016! After being discontinued 4 years ago to m..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 3 reviews.
The Territory Day Exorcism! Awesome new Item from Fusion Fireworks. These will sell out fast! EFFE..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Hit Man
The Hit Man by Dynamite Fireworks. Dynamite foreworks are well known for their big breaks and imp..
Ex Tax: $495.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Hit The Pink
Dominators new single shots. Nice big pink peony breaks. ..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Lets Blow Sh#t Up
The new and improved 2021 assortment by Fusion Fireworks - Blow Sh#t up. Subtle it is not! ..
Ex Tax: $350.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Little Angry's
Update: We got smashed ont hese this year! We are sourcing more stock, and plan to have more o..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Based on 18 reviews.
Little MOFOs
10 Wicked little single shots at a bargain price. Lots of fun and really cheap! ..
Ex Tax: $7.50 Happens
A silly as it looks, this is actually a really good item that burns for a long long time. We saw ou..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Territory Mayhem
The Territory Mayhem! Fusion has done it again with another fantastic assortment that balances..
Ex Tax: $240.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Territory Thunder
The awesome new TERRITORY THUNDER by Fusion Fireworks! Released in 2015, we sold out of these twice ..
Ex Tax: $250.00
Based on 4 reviews.
United Troopers
The United Troopers, daytime smoke parachutes by Cannon Fireworks. Please note - DAYTIME USE ONLY ..
Ex Tax: $15.00
Based on 1 reviews.
TNT Dynamite
The last two cartons in the country! These got missed in storage last year somehow but tested perfec..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Darts with Whistle
We think these are the best small flyer on the market! Brilliant little flyers. The price on th..
Ex Tax: $5.00
Based on 5 reviews.
Fire Power
2019 stock. None available in Darwin this year, the small amount left got shipped to remote commu..
Ex Tax: $62.00
Dynamite War Chest
The  'pro-series' style assortment from Dynamite fireworks 2015 range These items are heavily..
Ex Tax: $220.00
Based on 6 reviews.