Backyard Blast
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Brand: Fusion Fireworks
Available in-store only
Price: $100.00  each
Ex Tax: $100.00
Items Per Pack 1 Assortment
Noise Level Normal
Year Released 2011
Number of Items in assortment 13 + Novelties
Number of Single Shots 5
Quantity of Multishots 4
Number of Fountains 4

This excellent mid-priced assortment from Fusion Fireworks has it all. Multishots, single shots, fountains & novelties!

While the pack may not look as big as some of the other brands, there are a lot more fireworks for your dollar and less bulky packaging.

These are good sized effects, so stand back and enjoy your Backyard Blast Territory Day fun :)

Contents Includes:

  • 4 x Heavyweight Multishots
  • 4 x Fountains
  • 5 x Singleshots
  • Smoke Balls
  • Crackling Balls
  • Majic Booms
  • Flyers
  • Assorted novelties

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