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Brand: Old Fireworks
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Price: $10.00  each
Ex Tax: $10.00
Items Per Pack 1
Number of Shots
Noise Level Quiet
Year Released 2015
Number of Items in assortment
Number of Single Shots
Quantity of Multishots
Number of Fountains

The ACME Sword!

There is a video of it here:

A TDF exclusive in the NT, the ACME has imported a Fireworks Sword! These are hugely popular in the USA, and have now been modified to meet the Australian Standards.

The NT's first handheld firework that is not a sparkler!

This Sword contains an "Ice Fountain" (small lower temperature sparks, less likely to cause burns unless very close),

but children and drunk idiots should be closely supervised to ensure the sword if used safely. If you poke someone with it, they will get burnt.

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