Territory Thunder
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Brand: Old Fireworks
Available in-store only
Price: $250.00  each
Ex Tax: $250.00
Noise Level Loud
Year Released 2015
Number of Items in assortment 120+
Number of Single Shots 11
Quantity of Multishots 12
Number of Fountains 4

The awesome new TERRITORY THUNDER by Fusion Fireworks! Released in 2015, we sold out of these twice in pre-sales having to beg borrow and steal from other Fusions stores to restock.
When we opened, we sold out of those in 15mins! We definitely recommend pre-ordering these items as they are VERY popular.

To make them even more awesome, Fusion FIreworks have added Huge Smoke bombs, Missiles and Bad Boy single shots into the mix!

Fusions biggest and best family assortment you can buy, before you get into pro-class.

A huge range of multishots, massive single shots, fountains, smoke, novelties, ground items and more.

Awesome value for money at an affordable price! If you don't want any small stuff, we would recommend you look at the "Mega Pack" from ACME or the "Pro-class Heavyweights" from Fusion. 

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