Pyro Frenzy
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Brand: Old Fireworks
Availability: Sourcing More Stock
Price: $196.00  each
Ex Tax: $196.00
Items Per Pack
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Year Released 2017
Number of Items in assortment 70
Number of Single Shots
Quantity of Multishots
Number of Fountains

The Pyro Frenzy by Cannon fireworks!

These are not large premium grade items. They are quality smaller effects designed to be used in smaller areas.
If you are a bunch of adults looking for really big stuff, chose another item, or add on a few premium items to bost up your finale.
If you are looking for something to give you loads of fireworks at a great price, and don't need really large stuff (or bought that as well), then it is perfect.

1 box (12 pcs) Small Bee
1 pc Mummy's Wrath
1 pc Friendship Flower (L)
1 pc Golden Flower (S)
1 pc Astro Tempest
1 pc Astro Flood
1 pc CANNON Blast 7 Shot
1 pc Kaleidoscope
1 pc Garden in Spring 7 Shot
1 pc Happy Fireworks 6 Shot
1 pc Happy Fireworks 36 Shot
1 pc Air Defense 80 Shot
1 pc Toot & Twirl 7 Shot
1 pc Desert at Night 7 Shot
1 pc Saturn Missile Battery 25 Shot
1 pc Saturn Missile Battery 100 Shot
1 pc Music Box
1 box (4 pcs) Road Kill (Single Shot with Mine)
1 box (4 pcs) Zombie Hunter (Single Shot Small Size)
1 box (6 pcs) Krazy Kommander (Single Shot Mini Size)
1 pkg (4 pcs) Ground Bloom Flower
1 pkg (6 pcs) Crackling Ball
1 box (6 pcs) CANNON Morning Glory 7"
1 box (12 pcs) Booby Trap

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