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Brand: Old Fireworks
Availability: Sourcing More Stock
Price: $20.00  each
Ex Tax: $20.00
Items Per Pack 1
Number of Shots
Noise Level
Year Released 2017
Number of Items in assortment
Number of Single Shots
Quantity of Multishots
Number of Fountains

A silly as it looks, this is actually a really good item that burns for a long long time.

We saw our first one fire after Territory Day in 2017 (we couldn't get one to test), and all of the staff wish they had got one for themselves!

The Happens!

Can you believe they created such a thing!!! Light up the filled up dunny and watch the golden shower and beans explode out if it!

Buy yours today from Territory Day Fireworks, weirdly enough they will likely sell out really quickly!

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