Super Selection
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Brand: Old Fireworks
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ACME's Super Selection.

This is a box of 10 mulitshots from ACME's pro line!


1. Silver tail to titan chrysanthemum

2. Green tail up blue pearl and flying fish

3. A: red coconut; B: green coconut; C: yellow coconut

4. A: crackling tail to blue pearl; B: silver tail to titian chrysanthemum; A-B-A-B; (special blue pearl)

5. A: red tail up to red pearl and white glittering; B: green tail up to purple pearl and green glittering; A-B-A-B

6. Silver tail to spinner to red green pearl

7. Silver tail to colored peony and whistling and titian chrysanthemum

8. Crackling tail to blue pearl, titian chrysanthemum with red green swimming fish

9. A: blue mine and red tail to oranger pearl; B: red mine and green tail up to pink and chrysanthemum pearl; C: titian chrysanthemum mine and silver tail to red silver pearl; A-B-C-A-B-C-A-B

10. A: red tail to red green glittering; B: green tail to blue pearl and white glittering; C: gold tail to brocade crown; A-B-C-A-B-C-A-B

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